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Feed Your Enemies

powerful Sermon Praise God Amen

Making New Plans

Great a Special Blessing for the New Year Amen Amen!!!!

Safe Haven receives 5 Stars!

Great example, content, and delivery! It's something I never want to miss!

Keeping Hope Alive

Great Message We Have to Keep Hope Alive To Make It. A Believer Hopes for What is Seen. You must let Go of the past to learn and Grow. Amen

Why God Why

excellent and a Powerfull message for times such as this We need to put our Purpose first to Please God and Lead Others Amen Amen!!!!!

New Assignment

The message was on time for a time such as this. We need to bring everything to the altar right now prepare for the promise and resist the resistance and seek God for the answer and He will direct our path. Amen a Great Message today Amen Praise God!!!

-Necessary Things

Great Resurrection Sunday Message Praise God Let Everything That has Breath Praise God Amen!!!

Good New Podcast

Good relaxing voice speaking in a down to earth manner that’s giving good bursts of wisdom. Do yourself a favor and listen.